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A. #143

Serving In: Western Asia
Located in Western Asia, A. builds relationships with oppressed migrant families from Afghanistan, showing them the unconditional love of Jesus during an uncertain and frightening time in their lives. These men and women have fled from their homes, seeking a safer place to live, a future for their children, and perhaps enough income to help loved ones back home. Since they come from a conservative Muslim country, for many of them, A. is the first believer they have ever met. She enters their homes and offers them dignity and respect. She loves the women, greeting them with traditional hugs and kisses, drinking endless glasses of green tea on their beautiful floor cushions, and discussing life, faith, and family. 

A. longs for these women—and through them, their entire households—to know the healing power possible through the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In Him, they can finally find real honor, eternal citizenship, lasting peace, freedom from shame and fear, and a forever family.

Thank you for partnering with A. Your generosity allows her to deepen her understanding of the language and culture of both her host country and of the Afghan displaced among them. Your gift releases A. to live out the gospel and make disciples while living among layers of the unreached.