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Central Asia Disabilities Ministry #7504

Central Asia
Helping children with disabilities in Central Asia.
In a Central Asian country where less than one percent of the population knows Jesus, most people believe children with disabilities are cursed and bring shame on a family. The medical and educational systems are quite limited, which means they often don’t receive the care they need. These kids rarely have social interaction outside of their immediate families, and their futures tend to be bleak.

With the Central Asia Disabilities Ministry, our goal is to mobilize the church in Central Asia to serve people with disabilities. We want to demonstrate the Kingdom of God and proclaim the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ to people with disabilities and their families. 

When our staff interact with these kids and treat them like the image-bearers of God that they are, it not only brings joy to the kids, but it also shows people in Central Asia a different way to see these blessings from God, changing their perception of these children and their unique abilities. 

We seek to do the following: 

  • Provide specialized chairs, adaptive equipment, supplies, and materials to families and established special needs ministries. 

  • Build ramps and handicap-accessible toilets throughout the city. 

  • Host events and promote publications to educate and raise disability awareness. 

  • Offer employment opportunity training for people with disabilities.

  • Train teachers, medical workers, and family members in how to educate and care for people with disabilities.

  • Plan fun events for people with disabilities and local believers.

Your gift will help purchase supplies and support events and campaigns to help kids with disabilities in Central Asia.

Will you help us make life better for kids with disabilities in Central Asia?