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Chateau de Saint Albain #7400

Sharing Jesus with the French, helping Christians grow, and serving all through hospitality.

Considered post-Christian, France is a difficult land to reach with the gospel. Because of the historic failures of the Church and the deep-rooted secularism that followed, some of the French people have an almost “allergic” reaction to religion. There are some cities with only one evangelical church—if that. 

As a result, countless French men and women are going through life with no concept of a God who knows them, who loves them, who died for them. They are blind to the hope that is in Christ.

We want to change that.

We own an ancient castle called the Chateau de Saint Albain. For over fifty years, we have used it as a safe place where the local community is invited in and as a place of outreach where the gospel is proclaimed. Believers can fellowship here and be discipled through teaching events. Christian organizations are warmly welcomed and use the beautiful facilities in their work to strengthen the Church across France and Europe.

This evangelical landmark has become an innovative bridge to sharing the gospel—a place where our staff show hospitality to the French people through service while introducing them to the love of Jesus through their words and actions.

We’re giving this ancient castle new life, enhancing our hospitality, and planning to add staff. Above all, we’re constantly seeking God for new opportunities to reach out to the French community. Your gift helps us develop the Chateau’s ministry outreach and pay for its upkeep. It will permit us to enlarge our reach in the evangelical world while bringing the light of Christ to even more who have not yet discovered hope in Him.

Will you help us advance the gospel to the French people?