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CIDEL: Ethical Leadership Development #7114

Africa, CAR

Transforming society by training leaders.

CIDEL (Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership) is a leadership training program in the Central African Republic (CAR) that trains local leaders in the church, education, and government spheres and helps grow their minds, hearts, and characters to be more like Christ. 

This ministry seeks to transform the culture by starting with the individual’s relationship with God and expanding to impact the world through integrity, discipline, and courage. By cultivating a close relationship with Christ and an understanding of biblical leadership, individuals are transformed, leading to transformation for their families, churches, workplaces, and nation. 

So far, CIDEL has trained 2,500–3,000 students at its center located on the University of Bangui’s campus, most of them from the university itself, and this ministry is growing as more people want to be trained in leadership principles and values. God is using CIDEL as a bridge to bring old and new generations together to learn from each other as they seek to transform African societies. It is expanding to all provinces in the Central African Republic and now in Cameroon as well.

Will you help us see transformation in Africa by providing training for local leaders?