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Grains for Africa #7848-G

Africa, Chad

In November 2021, 35 leaders from Encompass and African Charis countries (Chad, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and Cameroon) met together in Central Africa. During their week together, they were inspired and amazed as they shared stories of God’s granting great fruitfulness to the sacrificial service of these valiant Central African workers and the hundreds more they represent back at home! 

During their week together they also learned of an urgent need coming immediately to the region: famine. The combined impacts of both drought and war has pockets of the population – especially in Chad – in extreme food insecurity.

The first priority is to provide sacks of grain to help two groups of families at highest risk: 

  1. 535 refugee families in the south of Chad (535 families x 2 sacks each = 1070 sacks)
  2. 102 evangelists and their families serving throughout the region and far from home (102 families x 2 sacks each = 204 sacks)

At current prices, one sack of grain is $75, so per family (2 sacks) will require $150. These two sacks of grain will get them through worst of the famine. We hope to purchase quickly before grain supplies dwindle and prices start to surge. Grain distributions will start early into 2022 when the need intensifies.

In this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we give thanks to the Lord for His abundant provision for our physical needs (Thanksgiving) and spiritual needs (Christmas). Perhaps we can be part of how He will provide for the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of refugee families who are, for the first time, in proximity to the gospel. Many have already come to Christ in the last year; God willing, many more will come in the months to follow.