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Hand in Hand Orphan Schools #7188

Africa, CAR
Providing hope and a future for orphaned children in Africa.

Throughout the villages scattered across the rolling hills, plains, and jungles of the Central African Republic (CAR), thousands of orphaned children struggle to survive. In this culture, it is required that when someone dies, his brother adopts his children. As a result, most families here have more children than they are able to care for.

Since many families struggle to nourish and pay school fees for their own, adding new little ones creates tremendous strain on their finances. Most orphaned children simply do not have access to education, or consequently, hope for their future.

To meet this need, we partner with local churches in the CAR to provide three years of foundational schooling for these orphaned kids. This ministry is called Hand in Hand, and we currently have 40 schools that care for around 1,800 children.

Your gift supports these partnerships by providing school supplies, salaries for the teachers, and meals for the kids. Not only does this relieve their families, but it also paves the way for these children to get an education, opening doors to countless opportunities down the road when they are adults.

And since these schools are partnered with local churches, they are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and they teach of Him and His love to kids who don’t know Him yet—which could change their lives forever.

Will you join us in giving hope to these children of the CAR?